The Sequential Art #37

Hugo Pratt
Corto Maltese: Tango
Page composed after a portfolio of 12 serigraphs painted by Hugo Pratt, featuring his character Corto Maltese dancing with Guido Crepax’ character Valentina. This composition was first published by Editori del Grifo in 1986 for a Corto Maltese exhibition in Paris.

Pratt based these illustrations on the original panels of his own Corto Maltese album Y todo a media luz, first published in 1985, in the Italian monthly magazine Corto Maltese #6-12, in black and white.


Part of the ‘Valentina composition’ was also used for the cover of the 1987 French edition of the album, published by Casterman as Tango (in black and white, except for the cover).


The first colour edition of Tango was published, also in French by Casterman, in 1998, and it included the ‘Valentina composition’ as an illustration in the introduction pages.


Finally, the original Tango two-pages dancing scene, in the Spanish edition published by Norma in 2003, after the 1998 Casterman colour edition:


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