By The Sea #5

Les aventures de Tintin: L’Île Noire (1937-1938)
Originally published in Le Petit Vingtième
Reprint of the 1943 colour edition illustration for the cover

“The Black Island is a particular album because it has been released in three different versions. After its publication in Le Petit Vingtième (from April 15, 1937 to June 16, 1938) the album was published by Casterman at the end of 1938. At that time it contained 124 black and white plates and 4 off-text illustrations. A second edition was produced in 1943, when changing to 62 colour pages, which did not include any notable changes from the initial version. In the sixties, the English publisher, who was about to translate this volume, complained to Hergé about numerous errors of detail from the point of view of English reality. Bob De Moor thus stayed about ten days on the places visited by Tintin and Snowy and accumulated hundreds of sketches, photos and documents […]. The album was completely redrawn without changing the original scenario. After a prepublication in the Tintin magazine, Casterman published this new version in 1966.”
—, The Black Island


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